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How to stay connected to IRC using a bouncer

Two months ago I started using IRC. I was connecting to some channels on Freenode, but my connection was not that stable also I keep changing host like sometimes I use machine from lab, my laptop or my Android phone.

If you have used IRC before then you must be familiar with the behavior of IRC server. If you are not connected to server then you will lose the messages when you were disconnected.

So I asked for help on #dgplug channel, the conclusion was to use a bouncer.

What is a bouncer or BNC?

A BNC (Bounced Network Connection) is a software that stays connected to IRC server so that you can connect/disconnect your IRC client without losing the messages.


Benefits of using a Bouncer

  • Stay connected to IRC server.
  • Ability to connect more clients to single account.

How to setup a BNC?

Either you can install it on your own server or get a free BNC from some BNC provider.

ZNC is mostly used bouncer software.

Some free bouncer providers, and has a bouncer included, simple solution is to get an account on as they have client for Android too.

I’m using EliteBNC, it’s a good service and well maintained.

How to get BNC from EliteBNC?

Join #elitebnc channel on Freenode and type !list it will show all available commands.

There are three ways or commands to request BNC, !request!easyreq and !emailreq

To get BNC for Freenode, send !easyreq <email>

Once your request gets approved you will receive an email, go ahead and login to your account. The link would be like

where xxx is server name, which will be mentioned in the mail sent by EliteBNC eg. Pi, Xi, Theta.

Go to ‘Your settings’ and edit the Freenode network, enable the nickserv module so that Freenode will identify you.

You can edit other details in ‘Your settings’

You can use to join the channel if you don’t have any IRC client or use HexChat.

How to connect HexChat or other IRC client to EliteBNC?

Add new network in HexChat and follow the screenshots.

To do that go HexChat->Network List, Add new network and Edit it.

Adding bouncer to hexchat network list

We will be using port 1338, as it is port for SSL (secured) connection.

Adding new network

That’s it, now you have setup a BNC and you will not loose messages, also EliteBNC users get iline cloak so your IP address will be hidden.

I recommend qicr for Android as client.


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