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Dualboot Fedora 29 with Windows 10

Fedora is the perfect Linux distro if you want to discover Linux used in enterprise (Probably Red Hat). As it is maintained by Red Hat it works really smoothly if compared with Ubuntu. With GNOME v3.20.2+ it looks really awesome.

We will dualboot existing Windows 10 with Fedora.

Update - 01/02/2019
Fedora-29 has been released now [article has been updated accordingly] but the installation process is still the same. If you already have Fedora-28 installed you can upgrade it easily by following this article. [what’s new]

Things you will need

  1. 30 to 50 GB hard disk space.
  1. USB drive (Pendrive)
  1. Fedora Workstation ISO Can be downloaded here.

  2. Rufus portable.

1. Make some space for new OS

From Disk Management Utility (Win + X -> k)

Select the partition from which you are going to reduce some space.

Right click -> Shrink Volume... -> Amount of space to Shrink: amount in MB

Don’t shrink C drive unless you have large amount of space available there. Minimum 30 GB is recommended.

You will see unallocated space.

2. Create bootable pendrive

Open Rufus and select the ISO,

If your hardisk has GPT partition scheme then select GPT partition scheme for UEFI otherwise keep it as it is. Hit the start, this will Format USB drive and make it bootable.

Rufus config

How to check if your disk has GTP or MBR

If your laptop has Windows pre installed it will be having GPT.

3. Boot into USB drive

To achieve this,

press Win + x -> U and then Shift + R.

Select Use a device and select the USB drive.

Alternatively you can restart the computer and keep on pressing F12 (Dell) or ESC (hp) and select the USB drive from boot options.

4. Installation

Follow the on screen instructions and images,

To configure partitions we will select Manual partitioning.

If you have UEFI boot then we have to select existing EFI partition and mount it at /boot/efi

Why it is necessary to select our system’s existing EFI system partition?

Microsoft’s Windows OS creates problems when it sees more than one EFI partitions while installing. For now it will work if we create another EFI System Partition but if we try to install windows again it may create problems.

More info 1,2.

After than we will add one partition for / and one for swap by clicking +

Better to have swap between 5GB to double of RAM available.

Accept Partitions

After that you have to set root password and create one user, when installation finishes you will boot into OS. Just restart and complete the setup process.

Installation Complete


Now you have Fedora-29 with Windows 10, you can enable tap for click from mouse settings and to add Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut for Terminal you can follow this

Let me know your suggestions, doubts in the comments section below.


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Abhinav Shirur on Fri Oct 28, 2016 22:35 IST

A very interesting post.. As you know , I am already an Ubuntu user (and you sort of know my requirements too :P ) Should I install fedora? What advantages will it give me over Ubuntu?

bhavin192 on Fri Oct 28, 2016 22:46 IST
Replying to comment by Abhinav Shirur: "A very interesting post.. As you …"

If your current Ubuntu installation works correctly, then you should just stick to it. Otherwise, for your requirements, Fedora will be nice as far as I have tested, Fedora's update works very well than Ubuntu. Most of the softwares which are available on Ubuntu are also available on Fedora.

Abhinav Shirur on Fri Oct 28, 2016 22:50 IST
Replying to comment by bhavin192: "If your current Ubuntu installation …"

Ok.. Will try it someday if my Ubuntu version becomes obsolete ;)

Tushar on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:10 IST

Very well explained!👍🏻

Uncle Alan on Mon Aug 7, 2017 11:26 IST

Hello. I am wanting install a second version of Fedora 26 as a dual boot with Windows 10. The first installation is all good (following your instructions). However, the second installation wipes out the first. Any ideas?

bhavin192 on Mon Aug 7, 2017 19:03 IST
Replying to comment by Uncle Alan: "Hello. I am wanting install a …"

Are you trying to get two installations of Fedora and one Windows 10 ?

Uncle Alan on Mon Aug 7, 2017 19:07 IST
Replying to comment by bhavin192: "Are you trying to get two …"

yes, that is correct

Abhinav Shirur on Sun Aug 13, 2017 13:23 IST
Replying to comment by Abhinav Shirur: "A very interesting post.. As you …"

Now I am a proud Fedora user :D

Aswin on Thu Oct 11, 2018 16:56 IST

I have problem while partitioning

The error is
"For a UEFI installation, you must include an EFI System Partition on a GPT-Formatted disk, mounted at /boot/efi."

Please help...

bhavin192 on Wed Oct 17, 2018 00:30 IST
Replying to comment by Aswin: "I have problem while partitioning …"

Have you checked if you have GPT or MBR (step 2)?
If you have MBR then you don't have to create the EFI partition