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Restore stock firmware on HTC one m8

One of my friend has htc one m8, the phone was with a weird problem of no sound. The speaker, mic, sound from headphones were not working, every app using speakers was not working properly. I thought it must be a hardware bug, after searching more about this (Trying 2 or 3 different ROMs) I decided to restore stock ROM on it.

So How to Restore stock Firmware on htc one m8 ?

Keep in mind that doing this will wipe all the data from your phone, and install Android Lollipop by htc.

This tutorial is focused/based on Indian variant of one m8.

Things you will need,

RUU file for your phone.

can be found on this site

Link for m8 Indian variant (Lollipop)…

File is large in size better you verify the checksum.

Fastboot package

HTC drivers

All drivers can be found in Mediafire folder by mdmower

Latest Drivers

Ensure that your phone is charged at least 80%.

Once you download the RUU, install the adb+fastboot and drivers.

The restoring works on both S-OFF and S-ON devices, if you don’t know what it means probably your device is S-ON

If your device is S-OFF then you can change PID of your phone install RUU of other variants.

Also bootloader of your phone must be locked.

To do this,

  1. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
  2. Connect your phone to PC, accept debugging prompt.
  3. Go to folder where you have installed the adb+fastboot, Ctrl+Shift+Right Click -> Open Command Prompt here.
  4. Type
D:\htc-m8\> adb reboot bootloader  
D:\htc-m8\> fastboot oem lock

After this your phone may stuck at the bootloader. Don’t worry, this will work even if phone always boots directly to bootloader.

Now, open the RUU file, wait for the software as it’s large it takes some time, It will guide you throughout.

Sometimes it falis at first run, Run it again it will work.

RUU utility htc

When it gets completed it will look something like this,


And the phone booted up, sound was working πŸ™‚

Success πŸ˜‰

If you face any problem, just comment down below, I will try to help you.


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nimish lath on Sat Apr 22, 2017 14:21 IST

hey i wanted to change my mid to indian mid do you know how

bhavin192 on Sat Apr 22, 2017 20:10 IST
Replying to comment by nimish lath: "hey i wanted to change my mid to …"

It needs S-OFF device, have you tried this? https://forum.xda-developer...

Prasanna Kumar on Sat Oct 28, 2017 22:08 IST

bro i have htc one m8 (maybe singapore variant) with resurrection remix and twrp. how can i completely return to stock rom and recovery ?

bhavin192 on Mon Oct 30, 2017 13:22 IST
Replying to comment by Prasanna Kumar: "bro i have htc one m8 (maybe …"

First, you need to find proper RUU file for your device.