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Creating offline copy of a website

I was just comparing different college websites, most of them were using WordPress. Like we use 😛

but our college website uses only plain html pages (unfortunately 🙁 )

Then I decided to mirror whole website, to see if I can port it to WordPress.

This tutorial is for educational purpose only.

Why someone will mirror a website?

  • To read it offline when you don’t have internet connection.
  • To see whole html structure instead of download individual pages.
  • Something else 😀

How to mirror a website?

It’s pretty simple than it sounds.

There are several tools to do this, we will do it using HTTrack

Screenshots are enough to explain everything 😛

If you want to exclude some files, I’m excluding zip, rar and pdf cause I don’t need, them just html files are enough.

Once mirroring starts it will scan all urls and start downloading pages and other contents,

Start Page HTTrack Adding New Project Adding New Project Filtering Files Filtering Files
Mirroring in Progress

After finishing it will look something like this.

Mirroring Complete Browsing Local Files Browsing Local Files offline

Now you have a offline version of the website.


Do not host the mirrored site anywhere, it violates copyrights of the owner of the website. He/She can file a DMCA violation complaint against you.


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