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Weird color rendering on Google Chrome

Recently I updated my machine with dnf update and suddenly noticed that Chrome was showing really weird colors. I was like, what? seems like something happened to my eyes 🙁 😲

Later I realized that it was just Chrome which was rendering those colors like that. Firefox saved my life!

Chrome vs Firefox

How I found the solution

So I tried searching about it. Used keywords like “Chrome weird colors Fedora”, “Chrome wrong color rendering”. But found nothing relevant. There were some issues but those were too old.

Then I though it can be something related to my hardware, asked my friend to verify if he has same problem. Same issue was present on his laptop too.

Then I tried switching to GNOME on Xorg,

Switching to Xorg

When you start your machine, at the login screen hit the gear icon near sing in and change it to GNOME on Xorg. It’s possible to do this after a logout as well.

but it was still showing same weird colors.

I decided to ask the folks from #fedora on freenode. While discussing with short-bike and prussian, I checked if the color profile for my display was set correctly.

To check that go to Settings -> Color if the screen is present there then you have profile for your display.

Color Profile

Later he advised me to install Chromium. This bug was not present on Chromium, cause it was behind Chrome by one version.

Chrome vs Chromium

Started searching again and this time I searched the Google Product Forums, where I found some old threads with old solutions.

And then found one thread where they have mentioned the exact cause of the problem with solution.

Link to the thread on forum:!topic/chrome/2-pFZipsBpM

Link to the related bug report:

The solution

For version 61.x

Visit chrome://flags/#enable-color-correct-rendering and change the flag #enable-color-correct-rendering to Disable from Default.

If you face this issue on version 62.x, try the following

Visit chrome://flags/#force-color-profile and change the flag #force-color-profile to sRGB

Chromium also has this issue.

This post was written on 17th September


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Inordinate on Mon Nov 5, 2018 03:41 IST

Thank you!

Flávio de Assis on Sat Dec 28, 2019 08:53 IST

Thank you so much

Luuk on Sun Mar 14, 2021 21:11 IST

Old post, but I've realized this is a problem with Chromium & Electron based applications picking the wrong color profile. While all solutions mentioned here solve the problem for Chrome, the solution I've found fixes it for all Chromium/Electron based applications, such as VSCode & Discord.

Go to this Google Docs document and follow the 5 steps under "Using colormgr from the command line". This fixed the issue on all Chromium-based applications by setting sRGB as the default color profile.