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Dualboot Fedora 29 with Windows 10

Fedora is the perfect Linux distro if you want to discover Linux used in enterprise (Probably Red Hat). As it is maintained by Red Hat it works really smoothly if compared with Ubuntu. With GNOME v3.20.2+ it looks really awesome. We will dualboot existing Windows 10 with Fedora. Update - 01/02/2019 Fedora-29 has been released now [article has been updated accordingly] but the installation process is still the same. If you already have Fedora-28 installed you can upgrade it easily by following this article.

Intex Aqua Fish – Great device for Linux lovers

When jolla launched their first phone I was waiting for the release in India but I was unable to buy it. Last year Intex and jolla announced Aqua Fish running Sailfish OS 2.0. Intex Aqua Fish is available now to buy from Amazon and ebay. I’m going to cover some cool things you can do with this phone. Intex Aqua Fish the Device There was no proper announcement about the release of this device, it just appeared directly on ebay and then Amazon.

Enabling two finger tap to rightclick – Windows 10

If you have updated your laptop from windows 8.1 to 10 and you were using two finger tap gesture for rightclick, You must have noticed that updated drivers for touchpad don’t have option to enable two finger tap to rightclick. Even if you are not using two finger tap gesture, you should enable it. It’s faster than using physical buttons. There is always a way 😉 This tutorial is for DELL laptops running synaptics touch drivers and Lenovo ElanTech, synaptics drivers.

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Sometimes you need tools from Linux like compiling c, cpp in gcc, grep, git. Alternatives for Windows are available but all are not efficient. Sometimes you need to try these tools, what you do is installing Ubuntu in VMWare or Virtual Box. Another alternative is Multiboot. But what if we had all these tools/Ubuntu in Windows itself? It will make it super easy to work with. You can edit files in your favorite editor and then compile in that Ubuntu, without VM, without Multi boot.

Fighting the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

Image credits: Softpedia What is BSOD and dump files? If you are a Windows user, you must have came across Blue Screen with some error message. It’s Blue Screen of Death, when crash occurs on windows system this screen is displayed and machine is restarted. When windows shows Blue Screen, it generates two dump files MEMORY.dmp and a mini dump files. These files are stored in C:\WINDOWS\ and C:\WINDOWS\MiniDump

Creating offline copy of a website

I was just comparing different college websites, most of them were using WordPress. Like we use 😛 but our college website uses only plain html pages (unfortunately 🙁 ) Then I decided to mirror whole website, to see if I can port it to WordPress. This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Why someone will mirror a website? To read it offline when you don’t have internet connection. To see whole html structure instead of download individual pages.

Setting up blog – WordPress, Google Analytics, DISQUS.

As I said in my first blog post, How to setup a blog using WordPress along with Google Analytics, DISQUS comments system, There are lot of great tutorials online, so I will just put them together. This tutorial will cover setting up WordPress, Google Analytics, DISQUS, also how to make your site appear in search results. Things you will need A web host like or A google account.

IBM R60 hinge replacement

Laptop with broken hinge 😮 You can’t either close or open the lid of laptop, One hinge of my secondary laptop IBM R60 was broken, actually I don’t use that laptop but decided to repair it. Disassembling things need some skills and experience so do it at your own risk. Before this I have disassembled my DELL inspiron 15R 5521, moto g 2nd gen, Nokia 701… I just follow this Try to figure out what is broken.

Restore stock firmware on HTC one m8

One of my friend has htc one m8, the phone was with a weird problem of no sound. The speaker, mic, sound from headphones were not working, every app using speakers was not working properly. I thought it must be a hardware bug, after searching more about this (Trying 2 or 3 different ROMs) I decided to restore stock ROM on it. So How to Restore stock Firmware on htc one m8 ?

Welcome to my blog!!

Hello everyone, On this blog I will be posting the tech related things I do everyday, these posts are going to be exciting as they are going to contain some incidents 😉 Hope you people will enjoy my posts. I’m still setting the things on the blog, once I finish doing it, I will also post about blog. Setting up blog – WordPress, Google Analytics, DISQUS. You can comment on any blog post as guest.