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How to play Steam games on Fedora

In Steam Summer sale of 2017, I had bought Left 4 Dead 2 just for Rs. 64. I played it once or twice and after that never played it again, as it was installed on Windows. I no longer use Windows on my laptop. Left 4 Dead 2 is also available for Steam OS (works on other Linux distros too), so I decided to install it on Fedora. Installing Steam on Fedora SimoneCaronni who is the author of negativo17.

Weird color rendering on Google Chrome

Recently I updated my machine with dnf update and suddenly noticed that Chrome was showing really weird colors. I was like, what? seems like something happened to my eyes 🙁 😲 Later I realized that it was just Chrome which was rendering those colors like that. Firefox saved my life! How I found the solution So I tried searching about it. Used keywords like “Chrome weird colors Fedora”, “Chrome wrong color rendering”.

Finding the data usage culprit [ packagekitd ]

Yesterday morning, I noticed that my laptop was using high bandwidth. It was nearly 1MBps. It was little bit suspicious for me. At first, I thought it must be Chrome, but later I realized Chrome does not auto update itself. Now the question is, who is using the data. One change I observed was after using that much amount of data, it stopped showing notification about update. This never happened before, so I thought it may be something related to updates.

Running Oracle database XE 11G using Docker

In our syllabus we have Advance Database Systems subject. We were instructed to use Oracle database for this. So I was searching for Oracle database EXpress edition 11g but I did not want to install it on my system directly. Size was large as well. Easy and fast solution was to search for container image of it and run it. At DockerCon 2017 they announced that they will be providing official Docker images for their products.

Fedora 26 release party at Rajarambapu Institute of Technology

With the release of Fedora 26 on 11th of July, we thought of having release party in our college. With that thought in mind we carried out meeting and discussion on our Linux Users Group’s IRC channel on freenode (#ritinlug). Now with a proper plan we were ready to celebrate the release on 15th of July which was Saturday. The Plan We aimed at carrying out open discussions about GNU/Linux, Open Source communities, the open culture.

Markdown – The easy way to write HTML

We use HTML almost for everything, it’s simple text with extra attributes like bold, italic etc. This attributes (tags) are parsed by browser in order to display the text. Writing HTML is not easy always especially if you are writing a book, docs or a long blog post. You have to remember the tags. Add <p> tag to every paragraph. What is Markdown? The Markdown makes it easy to generate HTML formatted text.

How to stay connected to IRC using a bouncer

Two months ago I started using IRC. I was connecting to some channels on Freenode, but my connection was not that stable also I keep changing host like sometimes I use machine from lab, my laptop or my Android phone. If you have used IRC before then you must be familiar with the behavior of IRC server. If you are not connected to server then you will lose the messages when you were disconnected.

Dualboot Fedora 29 with Windows 10

Fedora is the perfect Linux distro if you want to discover Linux used in enterprise (Probably Red Hat). As it is maintained by Red Hat it works really smoothly if compared with Ubuntu. With GNOME v3.20.2+ it looks really awesome. We will dualboot existing Windows 10 with Fedora. Update - 01/02/2019 Fedora-29 has been released now [article has been updated accordingly] but the installation process is still the same. If you already have Fedora-28 installed you can upgrade it easily by following this article.

Intex Aqua Fish – Great device for Linux lovers

When jolla launched their first phone I was waiting for the release in India but I was unable to buy it. Last year Intex and jolla announced Aqua Fish running Sailfish OS 2.0. Intex Aqua Fish is available now to buy from Amazon and ebay. I’m going to cover some cool things you can do with this phone. Intex Aqua Fish the Device There was no proper announcement about the release of this device, it just appeared directly on ebay and then Amazon.

Enabling two finger tap to rightclick – Windows 10

If you have updated your laptop from windows 8.1 to 10 and you were using two finger tap gesture for rightclick, You must have noticed that updated drivers for touchpad don’t have option to enable two finger tap to rightclick. Even if you are not using two finger tap gesture, you should enable it. It’s faster than using physical buttons. There is always a way 😉 This tutorial is for DELL laptops running synaptics touch drivers and Lenovo ElanTech, synaptics drivers.