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Rootconf Pune 2019

Since 2017’s Rootconf, I always wanted to attend the conference. But due to college exams or office work, I wasn’t able to attend any of the Rootconf till date. Rootconf is the conference which covers topics like DevOps, site reliability, distributed systems, security and infrastructure at scale. These are the things which I find really interesting and that’s why I always wanted to attend the conference. Few months ago, Chandan told me that, Rootconf will be coming to Pune soon.

Creating pull request on

I use torbrowser-launcher to install and run Tor Browser on my machine. Since last few months, I noticed that the logo of ‘Tor Browser’ entry in my applications list is still the old one. So I decided to dig into it and figure out the root cause. After tinkering for few minutes, I found that the desktop entry for ‘Tor Browser’ is actually torbrowser-launcher. It launches the browser for us.

Organizing PythonPune Meetups

One thing I like most about meetups is, you get to meet new people. Talking with people, sharing what they are doing helps a lot to gain more knowledge. It is also a good platform to make connections with people having similar area of interests. I have been attending PythonPune meetup since last 2 years. In this blog post, I will be sharing some history about this group and how I got involved in organizing meetups. Introducing : Tracing Cassandra with Jaeger

This is the blog post about a plugin for Cassandra, which I wrote few days back. It covers basic information about three pillars of observability, which are logging, metrics and tracing. Thanks to Sameer, who helped me with my doubts related to Java and Maven. The blog post was published at on 19th June, 2019. Introducing : Tracing Cassandra with Jaeger

Triaging bugs of GNU Emacs

I have been using Emacs for more than 6 months. mbuf and me were discussing about some way to package Emacs as container image so that we can run that image to test things, triage bugs for a particular version etc. Before getting started with that, he wanted me to have idea about existing bugs of Emacs and how to triage them, so that I get better idea of whole work flow.

Using Gadgetbridge and openScale Amazfit Bip

Around 6 months ago the wrist watch that I was using from last 11 years broke. It was not possible to get it repaired as company does not manufacture any parts of it now. I was looking for an alternative but didn’t like any other normal watches available. So I decided to buy Amazfit Bit by Huami. Huami is brand by Xiaomi. While I’m not really interested in the steps count, sleep count, I liked the design of the watch. HA + Scalable Prometheus with Thanos

This is another blog post I wrote. It is about a tool called Thanos which can be used to setup highly available Prometheus. It was published at on 8th December, 2018. HA + Scalable Prometheus with Thanos Kubernetes Autoscaling with Custom Metrics

I wrote a blog post about scaling workloads in Kubernetes based on the metrics generated by applications. It was published at on 20th November, 2018. Kubernetes Autoscaling with Custom Metrics

Creating presentations with Org mode

As I said in the last blog post about Emacs, I use Org mode a lot. It’s the default mode I use for taking notes, tracking tasks etc. The export interface it provides is a really useful feature. There are a lot of packages, which provide ways to export the Org mode file to other formats like Markdown in addition to default supported formats HTML, PDF, text etc. Presenting within Emacs A few months ago I had a talk on Autoscaling in Kubernetes within our company.

Entering The Church of Emacs

From the title you may think this is another post or debate on <your favorite editor here> vs GNU Emacs. I will be talking about how I started using Emacs and why it is the best tool I have ever used. How it started During dgplug summer-training 2018, we had series of sessions on GNU Emacs. Thanks to mbuf, the whole series helped me a lot to get started with Emacs and now I use it for all my editing.