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Podcasts I listen to

Few of my friends and colleagues asked for a list of podcasts I listen to. So here it is, I use AntennaPod to subscribe and listen to podcasts on my Android device. The list is exported from that application.

  1. Arrested DevOps [Website] [Feed]
  2. Command Line Heroes [Website] [Feed]
  3. EmacsCast [Website] [Feed]
  4. FLOSS Weekly (MP3) [Website] [Feed]
  5. Go Time [Website] [Feed]
  6. Kubernetes Podcast from Google [Website] [Feed]
  7. Micro Monday [Website] [Feed]
  8. Open Source Security Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  9. PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes [Website] [Feed]
  10. Security Now (MP3) [Website] [Feed]
  11. Software Engineering Daily [Website] [Feed]
  12. Talk Python To Me [Website] [Feed]
  13. The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish [Website] [Feed]
  14. The Packt Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  15. The Secure Developer [Website] [Feed]
  16. Подкаст GolangShow [Website] [Feed]

This page is inspired by Books I’ve Read by Jason Braganza and Reading List by Jagan (j605).


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