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Kubernetes Autoscaling with Custom Metrics

I wrote a blog post about scaling workloads in Kubernetes based on the metrics generated by applications. It was published at on 20th November, 2018.

Kubernetes Autoscaling with Custom Metrics


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Jason Braganza on Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:38 IST

Thanos?! Prometheus?!

Somebody is fond of Greek myths over there :) (or Marvel :P)

Love to see you go out and write.

Do more. write more!

bhavin192 on Mon Apr 8, 2019 20:06 IST
Replying to comment by Jason Braganza: "Thanos?! Prometheus?! Somebody is …"

Ha ha, it has became a trend for tools in Cloud Native world to have Greek names :P

Thank you :)